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YW-one coating UV

YW-one coating series

YW-one coating series YW-one coating series YW-one coating series
Item No. Feature Application
YW-899KM Matte gloss, non-yellowing, scrape resistance, abrasion resistance, high hardness Outer cover of cosmetics
YW-9600 good leveling, fullness and excellent adhesion, heat & moisture resistance, high hardness, good operation PC, ABS+PC, for example, outer cover of laptop
YW-9701 Excellent yellowing resistance, good operation, applied to white materials and as a kind of top coating base on white paint(1K and 2K), △ b ≤ 0.5-0.8 Common used non-yellowing UV on PC, ABS+PC…
YW-1125DZ Excellent adhesion to TPA base coating, excellent sweat resistance, chemical resistance, good result of cycle testing Common used in PC, ABS+PC, for example, MP, cellphone keypad